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What changes have been made on the 75th anniversary of the F1 World Championship in the F1 2025 calendar?

The 2025 Formula 1 season marks a significant milestone as the championship celebrates its 75th anniversary. To commemorate this historic occasion, the F1 calendar has undergone notable changes, reflecting the sport’s evolution while honoring its rich heritage. From new venues to innovative initiatives, the 2025 season promises to captivate audiences worldwide with thrilling races and groundbreaking developments.

Ferrari (via Gulistan News)

Before the announcement of the F1 2025 calendar, the biggest news of next season was Lewis Hamilton. The 7-time F1 World Champion joining Ferrari is meant for him to write a new chapter of his career. But now the focus has been brought back to the 2025 calendar, which is all set to thrill fans with some big changes and exciting races all around the world.

Changes in Australian GP and others

First up, Australia is back to its usual spot as the season opener, taking place in March at the iconic Albert Park circuit in Melbourne. This move brings back the tradition after Australia hosted the third round in recent years. Fans are excited, with this year’s attendance showing how much they look forward to it.

Australian GP (via F1)

Teams will get some extra time to tweak their cars before the Australian GP, as the race is happening a bit later than usual. But don’t worry, the season will still end in Abu Dhabi, just one day earlier than 2024’s. Bahrain and Saudi Arabia will host their races in April this time, mainly because Ramadan falls in March. Plus, both races will be on Sundays again, changing from Saturday formats this season.

Changes in Las Vegas GP and others

One standout on the 2025 calendar is the Las Vegas GP, the only Saturday night race. It adds a unique vibe to the championship. Meanwhile, Suzuka in Japan will keep its charm, with the race happening in April surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms. Hungary and Belgium have switched places, with Hungary now wrapping up before the summer break. This move, along with a longer break in July, gives teams a well-deserved rest.

Las Vegas GP (via Bloomberg)

The calendar from September to December is more evenly spread out, without the long breaks we saw last year. This means fans can enjoy a steady stream of races from Azerbaijan to Abu Dhabi. Overall, the 2025 Formula 1 calendar mixes tradition with some new twists, making sure fans get plenty of excitement.

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With a blend of classic venues, sustainable initiatives, and groundbreaking technical regulations, the championship honors its storied past while embracing the challenges and opportunities of the future. As fans around the world come together to celebrate 75 years of F1 excellence, the 2025 season promises to be a fitting tribute to the sport’s enduring legacy and limitless potential.

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